My Parallel Universe: Life after the Fawley Court Case

Newspaper articles say that I tried to ‘squeeze’ a £5M fee from the sale of Fawley Court, Henley on Thames. In reality, Aida Hersham, the person at the centre of all this, approached me to purchase the property.

I had never met this woman before. She offered me the £5M fee in return for taking over my contract.   See attached the two emails that she sent me and admitted in court that she sent to me. Attached is also the signed letter that she later denied giving me, even though it was found on her computer and it was found to be printed off. When I was introduced to her, I agreed to let her take over my contract on the basis that she would give me this fee. When she did not keep her word, I started proceedings against her in the High Court.

It is said that I ‘misrepresented’ the sale price, which was, in fact nothing to do with me as I was not selling the property anyway, (the Marian Fathers were the sellers). One month before completion, Savills had valued Fawley Court for mortgage purposes on behalf of Credit Suisse for £24M. The property eventually sold for £13M. I have attached the Savills/Credit Suisse valuation (page 38 for the figures). Yet in court, her expert witness only valued it at £9M and the judge ignored the Savills:Credit Suisse Valuation then he ordered I pay the difference.

The judge said that I told ‘lie after lie’ because in my witness statement I said that I, personally had previously used the Bank of Ireland for development finance, when it was my company that used the bank for development finance. This was my company and I was 100% shareholder. The fact that I said ‘I, personally’ rather than ‘through my company’; the judge found unacceptable.

The whole sixteen months I worked with her, making sure that the sale went through, I took no salary.  I believed that she would keep her end of the bargain with the three bits of correspondence she had given me.  She seemed an astute business woman, after being married to estate agent and TV star Gary Hersham for twenty years, yet she claimed in court that she had not been involved in business and she was ‘just a Jewish mother’ – her words not mine.

Three years since the trial it still feels like I am living in a parallel universe, with no ‘right to be forgotten’ because a high court judge had all this evidence and found that there was no agreement between us.  The money is no longer a concern to me and I would gladly give it straight to a worthy cause, I just would like to make sure that if this story has to be remembered, then it is with my side of it.

Richard Butler Creagh, Henley on Thames, Richard Butler-Creagh


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